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Roan St Patrick's Primary School, Eglish, Co. Tyrone

School Vision

As a Catholic School, Roan St. Patrick's Primary School aims to provide all its pupils with the best education possible in a happy and caring environment where every child can feel secure, valued and respected as an individual. We welcome newcomer children into our community, to partake fully in school life, make friends and settle in. We aim to do this in a way, which reflects the talents, gifts and dignity of everyone in the school community.

We will maintain a clean attractive and welcoming school. Children will be encouraged to maintain an organised school, developing a respect for their own and others property. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions, make decisions, get involved and understand the impact their own and other’s actions have on the environment.

We seek high standards of educational achievement from our children and high standards of professionalism from our teachers. The children should be interested in their activities and be well motivated due to effective teacher planning and delivery. We aim to foster behaviour, which enables children to have respect for themselves and others and to act responsibly with an awareness of boundaries.

We will try to promote a strong community spirit with parents recognising that they have important contributions to make in their child’s education. They should feel supported in their concerns and recognise the school as a place, which is open and receptive of their needs.

We aim for effective communication between children, staff, parents and governors, which will provide a sound basis for working and learning together.