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Roan St Patricks

Seesaw - Trial Activity

8th Sep 2020

Parents should have now set-up their child/children's Seesaw account(s) using the Home Learning Codes sent out last week. By 4pm this afternoon, every child will be sent an activity to complete as a trial run for next week's homework.

Please log-in to your child's account.

You will see a red notification on the activities tab.

You will then see the assigned activity on the main panel.

You can read the instructions which may be written, or, listen to the verbal instructions recorded by your teacher.

Click Add Response.

You can re-read or re-listen to the task instructions at any time at the top of the page.

You can select how you will be giving your response. For example, the Primary 7's will be completing a short piece of writing in their homework books. They will take a photo of this by clicking 'Photo' and uploading it.

They can then click the comment box underneath their photo to either type a comment or leave a verbal comment if they wish.

This will then be sent to their teacher for approval and a response.

When a response is received at the end of the week, children can listen to, or read it from their Journal tab. They can also click on their inbox to see the notifications which will appear following their teacher's comments.

We understand that there may be some issues with the platform from the outset, but hope to have these resolved over the coming days.

Please let your teacher know of any issue you are having initially (see email contact details on the home page). Details of homework schedules for next week will be sent out before the weekend.