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Roan St Patricks

Our Nurture Garden

22nd Apr 2021

Mrs Magill is beginning an exciting project at our school this week.  She will be working with the Eco-Council to create a new 'Nurture Garden'.  This area will provide a lovely outdoor learning space which will be used by the children to relax, learn and explore.  We are asking our pupils,  parents, grandparents and wider school community to help us create this area.  Mrs Magill has created a 'Wish List' of items that are needed for the project.  These items range from watering cans to picnic benches.  Some of the items need to be purchased and others we are hoping people will be able to make for us. We will also need help with grounds work once we have all our items to put the whole thing together.


If you feel that you or a family member can help to provide any of the items on our wish list please contact Mrs Magill by calling the school or via email ( A few of the items on the list have already been kindly provided/worked on by people in our local community and these have been stroked off the list.


We hope to have all items ready for the end of May and will set aside a weekend in early June to paint and put everything together in our new space.  We will be asking for your help when the time comes so hopefully you will be able to offer an hour of your time to help.



The Wish List (22nd Apr 2021) Download